LED Flood Light

  • FL02-PRO
  • FL02-PRO
  • FL02-PRO
  • FL02-PRO
  • FL02-PRO
  • FL02-PRO
  • FL02-PRO
  • FL02-PRO


  • Die casting aluminum
  • 130-180lm/w
  • Mutil-Beam angle
  • 50000H lifespan
  • Product description: Professional line

Product Features:

-Adoption  exclusive light source and ZAG Lens. Compared with similar products,the luminous efficiency can be rised 8% and light transmittance up to 98%.

-Fan channel thermal design, reduce lamp weight, with excellent heat dissipation, reduce light decay, prolong lamp lifetime. CHEM modular design, effectively reduce maintenance costs.
-Driven by high efficiency constant current and 60% energy-saving than traditional lamps; over –current protection, over-voltage protection, lightning protection, high temperature protection, fully ensures the long life span and high stability.
-Durable,long lifetime,and last up to 50000 hours; no need to replace frequently and less daily maintenance.
-Green product,no UV or IR radiation, no mercury pollution.
-With Excellent exterior design, the lamp is waterproof and dustproof, protecting rate: IP66.
-Fast response,no flicker; wide operating voltage range.
-LEDs which packaged by multi-chips is high lumen, stable performance, low light failure and no dead lights.



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